Why us?

We are the only Indian company that manufactures lenses in India. Through our 50 year old history, we have achieved many industry first milestones.

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SUPROL is a trusted brand pan-India

We enjoy a very high brand recall at optical stores across the country, owing to our reach and our consistent quality.

Excellence in coatings

We subscribe to the top coating standards in the world, and routinely test our award-winning-coatings against competition, and come out on top
Best-in-class coating quality (self-assessed)

Only a call away

Our marketing team is spread across the country, and is never more than a call away
~10 office locations
~20 Sales executives
~25 customer support executives

Core Brands


Award-winning custom-AR coating that is Dust repellent & hydrophobic. This hydrophobic lens has SUPROL’s propreitary Electro coat and a pleasing Emarald Green Color.


Bolt is SUPROL’s proprietary material based Blue cut. Ensures best eye health for users with high daily screen-exposure (laptops, mobile screens, Led lights, etc.

Anylite Bolt

Bolt is SUPROL’s proprietary material based Blue cut product which provide features of both BOLT and ANYLITE. Ensures best eye-health for users with high daily screen-exposure ( laptops, mobile screens, Led lights, etc).


Splendor is SUPROL’s propreitary material-based to protect eyes from Infra Red Rays/Radiation PLUS has features of BOLT UV ++. It keeps eyes younger, for longer and is like Sunscreen for the eyes. It is finally able to block out a majority of harmful rays from enteringthe eye.

Drive Ease

Make Driving Easy, Driving glasses allow for optimal vision during the day, helping you to see objects in low lighting and to keep a sharper focus while driving, even in the dark.

SDF Electra

Smudge &Dust Free Electra Coating with extra special water repellent properties (super hydrophobic) for split-effect. Ideal for users leading an active lifestyle, and spending time outdoors.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Our management team has over 80 years of experience in the Indian eye-wear space.

Devesh Gupta
Devesh GuptaCEO & Industry Veteran
Launched plastic lenses in mass market
Pioneered glass photochromic lenses in ~80s (~40% market by value at the time)
Renowned Agarwal Samaj Philanthropist associated with 18 schools and 1 college
B.com (Hons) from SRCC ’84
Guides the overall vision and direction of the company
Vikas Chopra
Vikas Chopra CMO & Marketing Veteran
Created award winning coating brands including Electra and Aqua
Conceived first B2B marketing plan for mass-market progressive lenses
B.com from Delhi University
Spearheads country-wide sales and marketing Initiatives
Prateek Gupta
Prateek GuptaVP - Tech and Ops Enthusiast
Set up two manufacturing facilities ~ 100 employees
Managed marketing initiatives for five categories at flipkart
Completed IESE Business School – top 10 MBA School Worldwide
Manages all manufacturing operations pan-India, and responsible for streamlining company-wide operations

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Aswhani Singh, Nirmanik

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