3D Pro

3D Pro uses a legacy SUPROL-owned design, that has been mastered and perfected over 20 years. This design has evolved from one of the leading designs in progressive lenses, and offers unparalleled visual comfort in the distance and near areas, with a gradual transition between the two areas.

3D Pro blends legacy performance with latest technology

  • High-performance legacy design
  • Enhanced Depth Perception ensures richer vision
  • Eliminates the need of carrying two different glasses

Best of Both Worlds

  • Comfortable vision in the near viewing zone, as well as the far viewing zone
  • No need to change eyeglasses
  • Upgraded lens technology at affordable prices

3D Pro is available in a variety of materials, to suit a variety of customer requirements:

  • Clear 1.49
  • Qfast – economy photochromic

In order to ensure the authenticity of our lenses, all SUPROL bifocal lenses come with either a unique (almost invisible) fog mark, or a certificate of authenticity. These marks will help you identify if you are indeed wearing a SUPROL lenses, and also guarantee our top-notch after sales service.

Through our pan-India dealer network, you can find SUPROL lenses at any optician near you. For more information, please contact your nearest optician and ask for authentic SUPROL products.