If you’ve over the age of 40, and have to squint your eyes, or move your book/newspaper away from your body in order to read properly, you need vision correction, in order to read. The eye muscles of about 80% of the people weaken over time, enough that the eyes can’t focus on nearby objects (think computers, books, newspaper). This condition is called Presbyopia, and can be fixed using a pair of bifocal lenses.

These lenses typically contain two separate zones, each with a different prescription.The smaller zone is placed towards the bottom of the lens, close to the nose. This area corresponds to the region everyone uses while reading, and viewing nearby objects. This zone is clearly marked by a differentiating line, which is visible on the lens, and is usually shaped either like a D laid out with the flat side facing up, or like a circle.  Bifocal lenses are a 70 year old innovation in eye-wear, and as such, are more common among older individuals, who are accustomed to these lenses.

Before purchasing bifocal lenses, you may consider upgrading to Progressive lenses – a more recent innovation in lenses, and one that has many advantages over traditional bifocal lenses.

SUPROL bifocal lenses are tested against the highest quality standards, and offer unparalleled quality, vision, consistency, and come with coating and (where applicable) breakage warranty.

To ensure the authenticity of our lenses, all SUPROL bifocal lenses come with either a unique (almost invisible) fog mark, or a certificate of authenticity. These marks will help you identify if you are indeed wearing a SUPROL lenses, and also guarantee our top-notch after sales service.

Through our pan-India dealer network, you can find SUPROL lenses at any optician near you. For more information, please contact your nearest optician and ask for authentic SUPROL products.

Below, you can find some of our most popular Single Vision Products. We have divided them by their functional utility for your convenience.

SUPROL Materials


Protect your eyes from ‘digital fatigue’ and blue light


Light adaptive lenses, for comfortable day-night use.


Thin, light, and unbreakable lenses.

SUPROL Coatings


Scratch Resistant.


Award-winning high-transmission AR Coating.


Lowest-maintenance Smudge and Dust Free Coating.