Customeyez II

Customeyez II is the latest generation of Customeyez lenses – which are SUPROL’s best-selling freeform progressive lenses. The upgraded version of Customeyez offers  users best-in-segment viewing experience, and thinner lenses than before, for the same prescription. The new design is improved over Customeyez in three key ways:

  • Up to 10% more reading area
  • Up to 15% thinner lens
  • Reduced Peripheral Distortions

Customeyez offers design modification that ensure that it can be fit effectively into a variety of frames. In addition, we offer Customeyez II in a wide variety of materials and coatings.

SUPROL Materials


Protect your eyes from ‘digital fatigue’ and blue light


Keep your eyes younger, for longer.


Light adaptive lenses, for comfortable day-night use.


Thin, light, and unbreakable lenses.

Bolt Anylite

Lenses that are light-adaptive, and protect from ‘digital fatigue’.


Durable lenses fit for active children.


Extreme Protection from harsh Sunlight.

SUPROL Coatings


Scratch Resistant.


Award-winning high-transmission AR Coating.


Lowest-maintenance Smudge and Dust Free Coating.

In order to ensure the authenticity of our lenses, all SUPROL bifocal lenses come with either a unique (almost invisible) fog mark, or a certificate of authenticity. These marks will help you identify if you are indeed wearing a SUPROL lenses, and also guarantee our top-notch after sales service.

Through our pan-India dealer network, you can find SUPROL lenses at any optician near you. For more information, please contact your nearest optician and ask for authentic SUPROL products.