Unipro Digi II

Unipro Digi II is a revolution in freeform lens design. We have adapted the original Unipro Digi design to today’s digital and active lifestyle, to enhance visual comfort, and help patients go through the various activities they engage in daily, both efficiently and without eyestrain.

  • Fits in all frame sizes – big or small
  • Introduced a fourth visual zone, for mobiles and tablets
  • Reduces peripheral distortions by up to 10%
  • Wider reading area

By introducing the special Mobile-Screen zone in Unipro Digi II, we have created an extremely versatile lens. The wider reading area ensures that this lens adapts to your visual needs, and feels like you are reading most naturally. Moreover, we have made Unipro Digi II available to users in the widest possible variety of materials and coatings.

SUPROL Materials


Protect your eyes from ‘digital fatigue’ and blue light


Keep your eyes younger, for longer.


Light adaptive lenses, for comfortable day-night use.


Thin, light, and unbreakable lenses.

Bolt Anylite

Lenses that are light-adaptive, and protect from ‘digital fatigue’.


Durable lenses fit for active children.


Extreme Protection from harsh Sunlight.

SUPROL Coatings


Scratch Resistant.


Award-winning high-transmission AR Coating.


Lowest-maintenance Smudge and Dust Free Coating.

In order to ensure the authenticity of our lenses, all SUPROL bifocal lenses come with either a unique (almost invisible) fog mark, or a certificate of authenticity. These marks will help you identify if you are indeed wearing a SUPROL lenses, and also guarantee our top-notch after sales service.

Through our pan-India dealer network, you can find SUPROL lenses at any optician near you. For more information, please contact your nearest optician and ask for authentic SUPROL products.