Vision Enhancement

Our eyes are naturally vulnerable to adverse viewing conditions. Change of scene (extreme sunlight, going from dark to light, or vice versa, using computers) is a strenuous  experience for the eye as the eye muscles must work extra hard to adapt to the changed conditions. Experiencing squints, eyestratin, discomfort is very common, when viewing conditions change abruptly.

In order to help the eye accommodate to changing viewing conditions more naturally, we are able to make slight modifications to the lenses by way of:

  • Adding Coatings on top of the lens
  • Material
  • adding protective/functional films

At SUPROL, we understand the impact vision enhancement on the quality of vision, life of the lens. We offer a wide range of Vision Enhancement Lenses,

SUPROL Coatings

These coatings are great summer additions to have on your sunglasses – vibrant colors, and excellent Sun Protection – no one can own just one!

SUPROL Materials